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Video Edit - Vfx - Animation

Milan Jovanov - Visual Artist

I started drawing from my earliest childhood till now. In the 90's I watched a lot of Cartoon Network cartoons that had a strong impact on my way of thinking and creativity.
In primary school I stood out with drawings of interesting things like cars, maps, medieval cities with castles, which draw on math classes most of the time ironically. I played a lot of pc games in my childhood (strategies especially) which influenced my drawing style and creativity a lot. (My parents bought me my first Pc on my 10th birthday by the way)
I didn't went to any artistic secondary school, instead and chose architectural secondary school, which thought me a lot of technical things in architecture, which continued to shape my way of thinking. Later on, in my Secondary School and continued to draw more different things and expand my knowledge by using other different styles.
This is the time when I first got in touch with Autocad's 3D modeling software (we of course used it to draw 2D technical building projects in architecture. But I learned it very well and started using it for 3D purposes. On the last days on secondary school and got a little tired of technical stuff and architecture, then I decided to continue with something more artistic.
I continued my higher education by enrolling college, and choose the direction of industrial design, which have most things with drawing and design. I learned Photoshop by that time. My drawing skill even got even better at the time, by a lot of education and practical use of different styles (pencil, watercolor, oil etc). I perfected my talent and got great results, by the other half of this education phase I got introduced to Rhinoceros 5 (3D modeling software) which I continue to use even today. I learned it later on by myself mostly from the internet and graduated with the best mark, and of course used renders done within Rhino 5.
After I got graduated I was looking for a job in a graphic design field where I got lots of jobs and accomplished great results. I even started learning 3D max, Cinema 4D and other 3D modeling Software in my free time, also I was very good with Editing Photos in voracious phone software and especially in photoshop.
. But I wasn't fulfilled with graphic design, and couldn't enjoy it as much as before. I need something more creative and interesting, so I started to get interested in Video Production.
I was also discovering at that time digital art so I decided to start drawing concept art on my smartphone. I was very good at it and found it very enjoyable for its limitless possibilities.
After many concepts of arts done and thought I can seem animate 2D characters to walk or do some movement. That's the time I discovered After Effects and started using it for animation. I didn't go to any course, I got all the knowledge from different you tube tutorials.
I learned also effects and can use on animation ass well. Then my 3D modeling knowledge came to be handy as I learned how to insert 3D models into video scene, I started to learn more advanced techniques and combine my skills to get perfect results. Also I learned Premiere which was not a deal for me to learn, because and stud more difficult 3D modeling software.
I decided to use my knowledge and to build my own business. My animation, drawing, editing skills are used in many music videos.
I found a way to compose video material with 3D models, effects, animation, and put my personal taste in music videos on which I worked, by making them look very distinguishable.
Today I work as individual in my own studio, enjoying my job as vfx artist.

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  • Belgrade, Serbia